NEWSLETTER Palazzo Petrucci Pizzeria (Pizza) | Napoli


Carefully selected flours, and dough allowed to rise for 48 hours at a controlled temperature, make our pizza easy to digest.
The edge is high and pitted, the raw materials are carefully selected; using ingredients in season and keeping the balance of flavours, the pizza at Palazzo Petrucci is noted for every one of its new creations.
As well as the traditional margherita and marinara pizzas, you can find the "Palazzo Petrucci" pizza, made with the meat sauce of chef Lino Scarallo of the Michelin-star restaurant of the same name; Pizza with pumpkin, bacon and provolone del monaco cheese, Pizza with soffritto (lightly fried onions and herbs); you will also find other pizzas on the menu, thanks to the meeting with Michelin-starred chefs, all carefully prepared to amaze your palate.

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